Custom Email Program 2 Sends Per Week

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 Don't have the time or desire to manage your own email and/or SMS campaigns? Let our team of experts manage them for you!

Reports: Each month, you will receive a report with your open rate, attribution rate and your ROI. We will also include notes regarding the previous month and the goals for the next month. For connections that are not yet fully integrated (ie. CommentSold), click metrics will replace the ROI metric. 

Formatting: All graphics used have gone thru a rigorous A/B testing phase. Only those that perform in the top 20% are added into our rotation. The first month will have quite a bit of testing. We will run tests for sending time, days and formatting. In addition to the highlighted product blocks and graphics, additional blocks will exist in your email to promote your text list, app, top collections, FB Group/Page, Instagram, Storefront, etc. 

Flows/Automations: Consistent campaigns will increase the performance of your current automations (if applicable). Campaigns are the easiest way to get people cookied as well as to trigger a flow.

Open Rate Management: Open rate play the largest role in your email revenue (even more than content). If your open rate is less than 25% for a platform (ie: aol, gmail, yahoo, etc), there will be very little email dominance. Once your open rate is above 25%, inbox presence will improve. We use an in house open rate goal of 30%. To achieve this, we use a formula which segments between all subscribers and active subscribers (of varying levels). List cleaning will also help open rate. 

Involvement: Your level of involvement is up to you. This program is built to be on auto-pilot from your side. We will manage your emails, pull New arrivals, etc. If no New Arrivals are present, we will highlight a top category or do a sized send.

Sized Sending: This is essentially targeted sending. The highest sell thru of an item is in the first 5 days after launch. We use segmented sends as a way to 're-launch' products to the subscribers they are applicable to. For instance: sending the top selling size Small tops to your size Small customers, sending a collection of your size 14 denim to your size 14 customers, etc. It's a great way to get rid of poor-selling sizes, without having to mark them down.

Programs we use: For email, we utilize Klaviyo. The ability to segment and create automations is unmatched. Automations can easily account for half of our email/SMS revenue. We are also happy to transfer your current service during onboarding, free of charge.

List Cleaning: Your list will be cleaned every month based on bounce history, click history and open history. The metrics used will vary per account. These subscribers are not deleted they are suppressed, this way you can still pull their properties for advertising, etc. 

Sending Days: We send all days, but any specific content you would like for Sunday or Monday emails, but be submitted by Midnight MST on Thursday. 

Cancellation: If you would like to cancel, simply let us know at least 3 days before your cancel date. If you are brining your campaigns in house, we are happy to have an hour long training with the person who will be managing the program.

Additional Campaigns: Have a busy month? Want to increase sending around the holidays? Simply let us know and we can add them and pro-rate your bill. Each additional email send is $55.

Pricing: Prices shown are monthly. Your account will be charged on the same day each month for the previous month's sends. Any additional sends, will be charged separately.

Next Steps: We will reach out to you with Intro Steps within the hour.

Q: How long do buildouts take?

A: Once all of the documents are signed and Intro Steps are completed, a full email program is completed within 10 days. A full text program is completed within 5 days. 


Q: How do I book a training call?

A: Our training calls are an hour long, one on one. They are $150 per call and can be scheduled using this link

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