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Customer Love

Jane is absolutely amazing! From being wonderful to work with, personable and very knowledgeable, I can’t say enough about what she has done for my business and myself! I highly recommend working with her!

Shanda Morgan

Jane is amazing! She is so knowledge and can help scale your business by brining in must have tools for your success! Not to mention, she is such a fun, likable person and a pleasure to work with!

Jordie Pilgrim

Jane is so professional and helpful and really did a great job with our company.

Barbara Pshigoda

Jane knows her stuff! I've been very impressed with her! She won't just set up your flows and leave you hanging. She helps you learn how to best use them and is always around to answer questions after setup.

Rachel Starr Sloan

If there’s one thing your business needs, it’s Jane. She has helped push my business to the next level and given me all the tools to continue on. She’s always there to answer a question or offer support. I can’t recommend Glow Group enough!

Brooke Helsel