Full DMARC Verification Process

Full DMARC Verification Process

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VERY IMPORTANT: All of the below has to be completed by February 1st. If you are starting from zero (do not currently have a branded email - such a hello@glow-group.com), this process can take up to 6 business days. *There are verification windows for a few of the steps*

During this process, we will need access to your website, your domain and your email server. When purchasing this product, it will include the creation and implementation of each of the below. The client will be responsible for any additional charges, created by the domain or email provider. Ie: cost of a new email address, if applicable. 

What is all this DMARC hullabaloo? It simply makes sure everything matches.

It lets the customer or subscriber inbox know that your email address has gone thru a verification process and is indeed, linked to your website.

There are a few steps to this.

Step 1: Ensure you are sending email from an email address that matches. your domain. Ie: sending from info@glow-group.com, instead of glowgroup@gmail.com.

You can create an email, paired with your domain thru multiple platforms. Many of our clients (and us) prefer Google Workspace.

Step 2: Once that email is created, you will need to ensure you are using the new email address as your send from email, within your email platform. If you use Klaviyo, you can view our blog below, for instructions.

Step 3: Create a custom sending domain for your promotional emails.

Step 4: Change the send from email in your Shopify to your new email.

Step 5: Add in the SPF records for your email and domain.

Step 6: Add in the DKIM records for your email and domain.

Step 7: Add in the DMARC records for your email and domain.

Q: How long do buildouts take?

A: Once all of the documents are signed and Intro Steps are completed, a full email program is completed within 10 days. A full text program is completed within 5 days. 


Q: How do I book a training call?

A: Our training calls are an hour long, one on one. They are $150 per call and can be scheduled using this link

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