Intro Steps for Automations

Congrats! Look who decided to step up their email game!

We are excited to get started. Simply complete the below steps:

1. Agreement: Within 1 business day, you will receive an agreement via HelloSign. Please be sure to answer all questions in their entirety, this ensures the success and speed of your buildout. 

2. Klaviyo: If you do not currently have Klaviyo, please sign up by clicking here and add us to your account by following the below steps:

    a. Log into your account and click on settings.

    b. Click on Users

    c. Click Add User

    d. Username:

    e. Needed permission level: admin

3. Shopify (if applicable): Add on as a staff account. Needed permissions will be: Customers, Discount Codes, Themes (including pages) and Settings.

4. CommentSold: If you are a user of CommentSold, send a subscriber export to If you would like to have your CommentSold integrated with your Klaviyo, simply let us know your rep's name and email address.

5. Storefront: If you have a storefront and your point of sale system is NOT Shopify, please email us a subscriber export to

6. Current/Previous Email Platform: Run an export of your current email subscriber list and email it to us at

7. Current/Previous Text Platform (if applicable): Run an export of your current text subscriber list and email it to us at

Once the above steps have been completed, you are all set!

We will receive notification for each of the above steps. If we need anything else, we will reach out.

Upon completion of your program, you will receive an email with instructions to review your flows and book your training call. 

Provided all steps have been completed, the full turn around time is 10 business days.