How Do Our Payment Programs Work?

We get it. Email and Text marketing are the cornerstone of retention marketing, but you also need money for inventory.

In order to allow further flexibility in your business, we are now offering the Glow Group Payment Program. 

Your payment program will be processed once per month, on the date of your first payment, on the frequency within your purchase. Ie: If you chose the 3 pay program, your card will be ran on the same calendar of the original payment, once a month, for the next two months.


May 26, 2023 you purchased a program with the 3 Pay option for $800. 

PAYMENT 1: $800 May 26, 2023

PAYMENT 2: $800 June 26, 2023

PAYMENT 3: $800 July 26, 2023


Any charges scheduled for a weekend or holiday, will be ran on the next business day. 3 charge attempts will occur. If they fail, a new CC Authorization Form will be sent. If we receive no response within 7 days, your program will be turned off.