Integration Klaviyo with Privy


This video provides a framework for pulling an embed code from a Klaviyo sign up form. You may also complete the below steps:

1. Start by having both your Klaviyo and your Privy windows launched.

2. Within Privy, click in the top right hand corner, to access your account.

3. Select Integrations.

4. Select Klaviyo, under Email Service Providers.

5. Enter your email address in the Email Address field.

6. In order to populate the Private API Key, navigate to your Klaviyo.

7. Within your Klaviyo, click into your Account settings. This will be in the top right hand corner of the older version or the bottom left hand corner of the new version.

8. Select Settings

9. Select API Keys

10. Click Create A Private API Key

11. Copy the Private API Key that was generated.

12. Navigate back to Privy and paste the Private API Key into the correct field.

13. To sync your sign ups, click into Convert.

14. Select the campaign you would like to sync.

15. Click on Follow Up

16. Click on Sync Signups  

17. Select Klaviyo under Select Account

18. Select Newsletter (or preferred list)

19. Be sure when you are selecting your list, that you are aware if it is single opt-in or double opt-in. If your list is double opt-in, it will require them to confirm that they want to be part of that list. These emails will often end up in spam or promotions, causing up to a 75% decrease in sign ups. 


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