How to Upload CommentSold Email Addresses into Klaviyo

 This will provide a framework for integrating your Klaviyo and your Shopify. You may also complete the below steps:

1. Within your CommentSold, click on Customers (left hand side)

2. Click the red button labeled Email Customers export as a CSV. This will send it to the email you are signed in under, as a CSV.

3. Download it and open using Excel (or any other sortable program)

4. Select the entire sheet and click on Sort (under Data)

5. Ensure that the My list has headers is selected.

6. Under Column select Marketing Emails. Under Order select Z to A (this will ensure the Yes property sorts to the top).

7. Delete any subscriber that does not have Yes as the Marketing Email property.

8. Delete all columns besides Email, Street Address, City, State, Country and Zip.

9. Save the file.

10. Within Klaviyo, if you do not have a list created already, follow the below steps. 

11. Click on List & Segments (on the left) and select Create List/Segment.

12. Click on List

12. For the list name, we use CommentSold Date (this way, we will always know the source).

13. If you are going to have this list integrated to any subscriber form, be sure to set it to Single opt-in. To do so: click on Settings, then click the button at the bottom that says Single opt-in. Click Update List Settings

14. In the top right corner, click on Manage List

15. Select Import Contacts

16. Select the file you edited. 

17. Under Email click on Subscribe to Email Marketing

18. Select the confirmation box and click Subscribe to Email Marketing

19. To the right of Street Addressselect Address in the drop down

20. To the right of Zip select Zip Code from the dropdown. 

21. In the top right, click on Import Review 

22. Click Start Import


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