How to Remove Inactive Subscribers in PostScript

Please see the below instructions and video tutorial on how to remove inactive subscribers from PostSrcript. 


1. Log into PostScript

2. Under Messaging, click on Segments

3.  Click Create Segment (top right corner)

4. Name you segment appropriately (most people either remove based on 30 or 50 sends)

5. Under Segment Criteria first drop down, select Number of Texts Sent, greater than or equal to (_desired #_)

6. Click Add Filter

7. In the dropdown, select Subscriber Has Clicked, Does Not Equal TRUE

8. Click Save Segment

9. Within your segment list, navigate to the segment you just created and click directly on segment name

10. In the top right corner, click the three dots and select Opt-Out Segment

11. Select Confirm Opt-Out

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