How to Remove Failed SMS Subscribers in Klaviyo


This video is a tutorial of how to remove sms subscribers from your Klaviyo, who have failed sends. 

First, we will need to create a segment for subscribers who's have had a SMS fail, that we sent to them. 

1. Within your Klaviyo, click on List & Segments (left side)

2. Click Create New (top right)

3. Select Segment

4. Since this segment is going to pull all active subscribers, who have a failed SMS send, we named it SMS FAILED 1X

5. Under Definition, choose What someone has or has not done

6. Use the parameters Failed to Deliver SMS - at least once- over all time.

7. Select +AND

8. Choose If someone can or cannot receive marketing 

9. Use the parameters can receive sms marketing

10. Click Create Segment

11. Click Manage Segment (top right) and click Export to CSV

12. Under Export Review, select Phone Number and Country

13. Click Start Export



Lastly, you will remove the profiles

14. Once the download is complete, save the download. 

15. Click in your Setting

16. Along the top, click on Other

17. On the left side, click Profile Maintenance

18. Under Import SMS Unsubscribes, click Select File and choose the file you just saved.

19. Click Save

20. Click Confirm Unsubscribe Phone Numbers

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