How to Edit Verbiage within Klaviyo Flows

 This will provide a framework for editing the text with your email flows, thru Klaviyo. You may also complete the below steps:

1. Within your Klaviyo, click on Flows.

2. Select the flow you would like to adjust, click Edit Flow (on the right hand side)

3. The emails are the white boxes, within the flows.

4. Click on the email you would like to edit, then click Edit (on the left hand side). 

5. Once in the email, you can adjust the Subject Line, Preview Text and Sender Name.

6. To edit the email itself, click Edit Email (top right hand corner). 

7. Within the email, click on the text block. This will populate the text, in the left pane. 

8. Simply edit the text within the pane. 

9. Once edited, click Save Content.

10. To make your flows live, simply click back within the flow and toggle the Draft dropdown to Live, within each email block.

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