Creating an In Store/Locals Customer Segment Within Klaviyo

This video will serve as a framework for creating an in-store/locals customer segment within Klaviyo.

1. Within Klaviyo, click on List & Segments (left hand side)

2. Click Create List/Segment (top right corner)

3. Click Segment

4. Enter the name you would like it to be

5. Under Definition, click the drop down and select What someone has done (or not done)

6. Under the Choose Metric dropdown, select Placed Order at least once over all time

7. Select Add Filter and choose the property titled Source Name equals pos

8. To also add in a proximity, select the OR button (to the right) and under the condition, choose Someone's proximity to a location

9. Choose your distance in miles you would like to populate, enter the zip code and country

10. Click AND (directly below)

11. Within the dropdown select If someone is or is not suppressed for email and have it state Person is not suppressed

12. Select Create Segment (bottom right)

13. This can de duplicated for SMS, simply by having the last parameter state If someone is or is not consented to receive SMS

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