Pop Up Best Practices

We love email. Some (all) could say we are obsessed with it. We don't do social media, we don't do SEO, we do email and text. Boom. That's it. 

We recently finished up another pop up study and it's time to share the results. 

You have built a killer website, traffic is starting to flow in, now it's time to make some money. 

But how? Sell your products right? Simple. Far. From. It. 

When it comes to paid marketing, email is hands down the most profitable avenue. But (there is always a but right?), you can only email people if you have their email address. 

Email pop up form, enter stage right. 

An email pop up is a box that populates on your website, requesting the customer's email in exchange for something. The most common practice, is in exchange for a 10% off coupon. 

Building a pop up isn't very intimidating, until you see all of the options. Thankfully, the simpler, the better.



When the industry came out with multi-property pop ups, we were all JACKED. Think about it, for every visitor coming to your site, instead of getting just the email, you could get their email AND phone number. 

We soon found that the conversion rates (for both sign ups and purchases) decreased by more than half. Some studies have shown that the consumer felt as though the pop was too committal. 

But birthdays are ok right? A second property will always decrease the opt-in rate, but a non-contact property (such as birthday, favorite color, first name) will have less of an impact. 



Multi step pop ups became popular once the industry realized the negative impact of asking for both text and email on the first page. Some wise guy was at a table and though 'aha! What if we ask for their email? Then once they put it in, we trick 'em and say 'sorry sucker! we need your phone # now too, or no discount for you.a'

We've all signed up for an email newsletter, promoting a discount, then were asked for our phone # as well. It makes you feel a little slighted right? Our consumers feel the same way. 

While the initial window will have a good opt-in rate, the conversion rate on the visitor decreases by half. 

Still LOVE the idea of the multi-step? There are some ways to polish it up. 

Leave step 1 the same. In step 2, give them the discount they were offered BUT offer a steeper discount for text as well. This way the person doesn't feel slighted. 

The second step will have a much lower opt in rate, but this way you don't lose the sale.



Single Step

If you are good with offering 10% off, but no more than that, a single step is your best bet. Simple, to the point. 



Success Message

What is the success message? It's keeping your promise. In most cases, it's providing the customer with their promised discount. 

If you have your website and email program fully integrated, the earlier you get your subscriber cookie'd, the better. But at what cost?

We used to LOVE to tell our subscribers to head to their inbox for their coupon code. 

They go to their email, see the coupon code, copy it and then head back to shopping. Simple right?

Well, what if there is an email in that same inbox from the school, regarding their child? A notification that their boss needs their report sooner than expected? An important question from a family member? Or a 75% off coupon to Nordstrom?

You think they are still going to head back to your site? Maybe not. 

As a rule of thumb, we never want to encourage people to leave your site, once they have entered it.

By making the subscriber navigate to their email, the conversion rate decreases by 72%. SEVENTY TWO PERCENT. That's insane. 

So, what should you do? Add the success message into the pop up. 

 We hope this article was helpful and that you didn't fall asleep halfway thru. If you have any questions, we are here to help! 

Feel free to email us at info@glow-group.com or click here to schedule an overview call, with our founder, Jane. 

Happy Emailing! 

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