Is it against the law to text on Sundays?


This is your friendly squeaky wheel reminding you that while text messaging is amazing, it’s also federally regulated.


Don’t like it? Call ol’ Ronny Reagan. 

In the meantime, comply with the rules. One of the most overlooked rules is Holiday and Sunday sending. 7 states prohibit promotional messaging during Holidays or Sundays.


The kicker? These laws are not based on where the person lives, it’s based on where they at the time they receive the message.


How many people do you know who traveled to another state during the holidays? At least a few right? 


January is coming.


 This is when the TCPA circus begins each year.


People from all over the country, climb out of their nooks and crannies, to file claims towards businesses of all sizes.


The smallest settlement we have seen to date is $30,000.


That’s a lot of margaritas, pedicures, and/or wine.


Cheers, Jane

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